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About Payments


Quotes are made based on the job. Prices are very reasonable, and the price is all-inclusive; I don’t charge more for extras and I don’t cut corners. Note: We do not provide the miniatures to be painted. The client must provide the miniatures.


Shipping charges will vary based on size, weight and destination. The client is responsible for the shipping charges and any incurred customs border charges (and insurance if desired).


We accept cash, money orders and Pay Pal transactions
50% up front and 50% upon completion.

20 Years of Experience

I started painting miniatures in 1996, and I developed my own techniques and reputation, I advertised at a local gaming store and started painting miniatures for D & D Players. Then I started collecting Battletech and Games Workshop figures, when I got bored with an army I took it to a local store and they sold it for me in return for store credit and they always sold. Zoom ahead to 2008 I was laid off and started selling off my miniatures to make ends meet. Luckily, while I was in the store a customer had just purchased some my stuff and asked if I would paint some more to match. I said sure and it went from there. The work kept coming and here we are!

Everything by Hand

The Best in the Business

Karl does excellent work, and packaging the figures with care when posting.

– Brian Hearnden